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Crashes constantly

Such a simple game. You’d think they could get it to work properly. Just love getting near a high score and tapping the guy and he doesn’t move. Superb. 👎

Wasting time.

If you want a good app it has to be instantaneous. I wait 5 seconds between games, not saying that’s a lot but over time that adds up & quick. Good game but waste my time.


Love the game, but HATE the ads. Also, it glitches a lot. So even if you're winning, it messes you up. Definitely needs to fix the glitches and bugs.

Awesome Distraction

This is one of those super fun time killers. Addictive, colorful, simple leveling up and unlocking of new characters, it is worth the $2.99 to get it add free, but the adds are no biggie if you just want a free game!

Mi opinión

Me gusta mucho para los niños y es educativo

Stack jump review

I do like this game but I don’t like that if you jump to early and you have time to jump again you can not so it like so- so

Stack Juno

Love the game.. so much fun and addictive but the ads kill me. Ad after ad after ad. They need to cut the adds down. Other than that I used to play it it a lot more but since the ads started popping up in less interested because it get annoying.


Too many ads while playing!!! Cant even play twice in a row without getting an ad in between!!!!!!!!!

Love this game

Love this game! Very addicting lol would have given it more stars but there are just waayyy too many ads. If there weren’t as many adds it would have gotten more stars!

Actual review

Okay this game is a 5 star game if you’re a really patient person. There is a lot of ads, every time you fall off. It glitches A LOT so you die because the game glitches and you had no time to jump because the block came too quickly and then it goes to another ad. When you get past the average score, it writes congratulations on the screen while you’re still playing so you can’t see the block and then you die TO GET ANOTHER AD

Too many ads

Fun game but having an ad after every game is overkill. It makes me not want to play it.

Gameplay good but, overall, app is bad.

Game is fun to play but, overall, the app is frustrating, disappointing, and either buggy or hostile... I opted for the in-app purchase but yet when I select the 'second life' offer the app presents a 30-second video advert! App launches successfully once in maybe every four attempts, otherwise displaying- but not ever moving past the opening screen (black background and 'Voodoo' and 'Monkeyfood' white text). Wish I had not opted for the IAP!

It’s the best.

It’s fun because I can play with my brother.And I can play it all day long.

My review

A very fun game but I do think that while you’re in the car the pop up ads are a little long and maybe if you could collect stars after so many jumps then you could unlock special characters to go longer but otherwise than that I do think this is a extremely fun game and I can really test your skills with speeds and everything maybe whenever you get like one and two and three and four and five in a row he could play different music but I do love this game so much it is I like my top three list


It so fun I get mad a lot


Awesome 😃

It WAS a good app

I was even okay with watching the ads to continue where I was. Now that there are ads at the bottom of the actual game play screen, it lags when I jump and I get hit by The blocks. Why more ads?!?

Not really no ads

So this game is super fun, however I did pay for the no ads version and I still get them, anytime I select getting a "second chance" it takes me right to the next screen for game adds and they are like a minute long that you have to watch and can't skip :( very annoying

Fun game but constant ads

Unless you pay 3 dollars there will be an ad after every single game you play. The game is fun but the ads are a huge turn off and 3 dollars is too much to pay for such a simple game


P. Kk.


It’s very addicting! I love this app😍


I really hope they add more challenges and characters. It gets boring when there’s nothing to try to unlock.

Good game

This is a awesome game

A great challenging game

It's great I just hate it when it puts another cube when you are just landing.


This game it’s Funny

Just advice

I like it addicting but to much adsssss

Second Chance Glitch

Sometimes when I click second chance and watch the video it just restarts the game instead of giving me a second chance


El juego algunas veces tiene una interrupción que dura milésimas de segundos que te afecta el juego y tiene demasiados comerciales

Different on different iPhones?

I took a screen shot on my friends iPhone Plus and my iPhone X. After comparing games and taking screen shots. It seems to appear that iPhone X’s slimmer/stretched out screen becomes a disadvantage to the game.

Love the app but

I️ love it but the game glitches

Ads lag the game

You can’t enjoy this game without buying it because the ads lag the game so bad you can’t play it well. Skips and messed you up. So frustrating and the ads that play after almost every turn are 30 seconds long. I refuse to pay $3 too. .99 cent maybe, but not a penny more.




Lately, all of the ads at the bottom of the page while playing the game causes it to glitch. Ridiculous. There is already enough ads in between games, why do they have to change the ad during the game? Throws off the entire game and makes it frustrating to play.


It’s a really addictive game. But I hate all the adds. Makes everything laggy.

It’s fun but

Part of the fun is earning new characters but the two I am missing are the ‘7 days’ and the ‘12 days’ but even if I play the whole month, they keep saying 1 out of 7 or 1 out of 12. Lame

Long process !

Takes a long time to download I hate it


The most amazing game ever played


This game glitches a lot!.... I can bring the middle of a level and it’ll start glitching then start back working fine... I restart my phone and go back to the game and it still does it... please fix!!

It’s fun but the adds ruined it

This game was really fun, but they go over bored on the adds, their was even an add that I couldn’t figure out how to get out of so I just had to exit the game, if u wanna pay the $3 for it with no adds then go for it but I just think it’s kinda grimy how they make u sit threw so many adds if u don’t pay . Like I’ve NEVER dealt with that many adds ...never

Fun but glitchy

It’s hard to do well with all the glitches this game has. It’ll glitch out and mess up mid-jump, trying to jump, or you’ll miss a block and not have the games reaction time enough to make a jump. Hopefully that glitchiness can be fixed because it can be addicting!

Inappropriate adds!!!!

I understand the game offers an app with out adds but I’m very disappointed. My eight year old son loves stack jump the adds are very inappropriate!!!! There is advertising a man and females in a bed this will corrupt theirs minds. Please fix thank you

So addictive!!! 😋

I really love this game, since it meets all of my standards. It's a challenge, but not over-the-edge. It's customizable, there's characters for everyone. I really recommend this game to anyone seeking a game without story and just a fun little activity.

Chill with the ads

I enjoy the game but the ads are ridiculous

Please fix the glitches!

Fun game. Really addictive. But just when you get a good run, the game lags and glitches and causes you to die. Please fix!

Love this game

I love this game only thing is it’s just way too many ads so if you like this game I won’t see any problem purchasing this app for 2.99

ads are a no no

this game is super fun! but ads are soooo annoying. specially the fantasy one -_- other than that... i like it a lot!!



Do not spend your money on this game

Fun Game but They took my 2.99 and still I have ads popping up 👎👎👎👎👎👎 do not waste your money


I️ really enjoy playing this game, but it’s so frustrating how much it lags. It also frustrates me that Even though you can press for a second chance it makes you go through these ads and then doesn’t even give you the second chance. I’m pretty upset. Also, once you get remotely close to your high score it’ll knock you down in ways that shouldn’t be possible.

Stack jump

This game is so fun but I wish that there was a panda.

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