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This game is like a charming friend who when you get to know it turns outs hates you and stole your skis. There are constant ads. You can accidentally click on them. And in a game where timing is key whenever you get to the next level the game freaks out, throws off your timing and then when you die cuts to some Candy Crush ad or other nonsense you can’t get out of. The people who made this game don’t even hide their malevolence. They hate you. 4 stars.

i love this game

i love this game because it is so fun to play with you can just add a few more things to do and you get to enjoy playing the game with your friends or family and you can just play it with your kids to i love this game so so so so much thank you for making this game

Waist of time

The adds are so long it becomes an even bigger waist of time


Ads or something freeze action and make you die


This app is the best my sister told me to get it and now all I do is play it please get ittttt❤️💜💚💙😍

It's fun... at times

Love this game and it's super addicting! But it is extremely glitchy. For instance a random box will appear above my player preventing them from jumping. Another glitch is that the boxes will come in at lightening speed, giving you no time to even think about jumping. If these glitches are fixed this game would be a 5/5 stars!

It’s addictive


Entertaining game

Very entertaining game but needs more categories for outfits for the little guys and less lag :/ other than that it's very enjoyable just wish it wouldn't lag so much.

Annoying Ads

The game is good, but the constant adds are annoying.

My Opinion

It is a very fun app, but I just feel like sometimes it just kind of gets boring


Good but during the middle of game an ad pops up

Stack jump

It needs to be tweaked some more the game glitches in the middle of a Jump and I get hit every time it glitches needs to be fixed

Highly Addicting

I Love this game I just downloaded and I really can’t put it away lol I recommend it

All about stack jump

I love this game because it is all about building and I love blinding so that's why I downloaded this game

Ads ads ads

Middle of a game a ad pops up and then takes me to my web browser to a scam page. That’s total bs. Don’t download.

It’s all fun until..

It’s a fun game until you’re rewarded with a 30 second ad after completing a level

Stupid ads 😡😡

The game is extremely addictive but there are way to many ads. Every time I fail a ad pops up. Every time i go to main menu an ad pops up. I would give this game 5 stars if the ads were taking off. 😡😡😡


This game lags so bad and I think it’s because of the ads.



Fun game

This is such a fun game and it is much fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.


It’s fun but it doesn’t load half the time and it constantly glitches and freezes and causes me to die and when that happens it’s incredibly difficult to get a high score..


Well I try to change my thing I had the pig but I don’t have it anymore I have no themes I have nothing other than that it’s perfect

Fun game

Really fun game I feel like the more you play it, the more it lags though. I was really addicted at first but the more days I played it it started too lag really bad so I started losing and of course made me mad.


Nice game but to much advertisement that make you not want to play


Fun but seriously delayed so when it lags you lose.

Good game but too many ads and bugs

This game is super fun but keeps taking me to fake Amazon website saying I won something ( which in this case is a hoax)and very hard to play with glitches

Buggiest game ever

The game would be fun if it worked. There are so many bugs and problems that it crashes every two minutes. Don’t waste your time.

Great stress relief

Cool game! Great for just passing time or taking a moment.


I seriously love this game. It’s so addicting. You get 5 star from me.


This is a great relaxing game. It should be more games like this awesome. 👍👍

Great but needs better graphics

The game itself is very addictive and I love it, but it’s sort of annoying that all the other voodoo games have better graphics and this one seems a bit off. The fame tends to lag a lot too, it’s quite frustrating, but when it does work it’s the best.

Fun but buggy

I like the game but it tends to slow down when ads load during gameplay, freeze a lot instead of loading ads, and randomly open my browser to what looks like an amazon survey. Tbh if I wasn’t trying to beat my girlfriends score I wouldn’t keep playing it because of the lag and redirects caused by the ads

Annoying Advertisements

Great game, but the advertisements at the end of each round are super annoying. Some of them are over 30 seconds long with no way to skip them. Came here just to write this review before deleting the game.

Okkkkkkk `o ‘


Don’t bother

It’s fun until it lags so much because of all the ads that open WHILE YOU’RE PLAYING. Annoying and deleted.


It’s a fun way to kill time but the ads make it freeze for a second and makes the character fall

Fun but lags

I really enjoy this game but it constantly lags from the ads. If this is the ploy to get me to pay $3....I’m not biting. I’ll just delete the game and try something else.

Should be called Stack Ads

Fun game. Tons of Ads. They even pop up in the middle of the game. I have no issue with ads at start and end of game. Just the one that pop up in the middle ruin an otherwise good game. Save your time and find a more player friendly game.

Best free game I’ve played

No annoying prompts to upgrade to get this or that, no stopping after you’ve completed a certain amount because you need version green instead of version blue, pretty simple. I’m surprised by some of the people saying they haven’t scored over 50. I’m sitting comfortably at 223. A leaderboard would be kind of cool. The ads are annoying but with the way the game offers level-ups, I’ll take it. A small glitch I’ve noticed is that the +1 isn’t always accurate; other than that, I really like this. It keeps my hands busy when work is slow. 😁 Update: Since I’ve updated my OS, the game is hardly functional, and does not appear to be properly calibrated. I miss a lot of points for not having perfect jumps (when they are) and other jumps that shouldn’t be considered perfect are counted as such. The game has also gotten into the habit of not opening. Deleting.

Game lag

It keeps lagging and makes it almost impossible to enjoy the game

Low Quality

This game is addicting. It hits all of the sweet spots for a casual game: easy replays, various unlocks, a random button for your character and background so it stays fresh. But it lags and glitches. I’m using an iPhone 8 Plus, so no old hardware. But the game lags, where blocks will pop forward. And it glitches, where I will land a perfect jump and it doesn’t count it (always does this when it lags) or I won’t land a perfect jump and it does count it. It fills its spot perfectly as a time waster, but it’s terrible quality.

Stack jump

You are so creative for this game Hi

Entertaining and enjoyable

I’ve been playing for a couple weeks now and have enjoyed the challenge levels and different background/character options. To get rid of the ads without paying for the full version I just turned off cellular data in the phone settings for the game. Now I don’t see ads unless I’m connected to a WiFi network. The only thing I wish the game had was a choice to do “Easy, Intermediate, Hard/Expert” modes do my younger niece could play. She gets the gist of the game but can’t get past the first two or three blocks and loses interest. This would be a great kid friendly game with the colors and characters if there were an option to put it on easy or “kids mode”.

The game freeze a lot!

The game is slow and get freeze every time, and always make me loose. Even try to tap the review was getting freeze

Stack Jump

It is a fun game to play but has a tendency to freeze up every once in awhile

Jumping jake

It’s is so fun and exiting I really enjoy playing with my friends

Too much ads

Too much adds

Fun, but...

The game is fun, and had promise to being a very addictive game:However, it lags way too much to the point of being unable to have any success in it. The ads are constantly there and are extremely long. An ad every now and then would be fine, but it seems every five seconds there is a new ad. The art is cute, but because of all the problems with it I’m not going to waste the space on my phone .

Me encanta😀

Este juego me gusta por que es muy divertido

Stack jump is awesome!

I downloaded this game on a whim, but now I’m addicted. More challenging than you would think. I keep telling myself”just one more time”.

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