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I love this game but...

I love this game but I can’t play it because before and after a game, I get an ad. I wanted to give it a 5 but no there’s too many ads.


This game is so truly addictive and amazing. It’s a really simple idea but a complex game to complete, although it looks easy it’s definitely not!

Love it

But too many ads.

Fun game

It’s a fun game when you are bored. It’s a good time killer!!

Good but glitches

I’m really good at it and I love it but sometimes when I land it in the same spot as another one it doesn’t give me the bonus thing but DEFINABLE BUY DIS GAME!!!

good but not enough

hi,this game can be really addicting but there is some problems.first of all there was a time i was one second chance away from a character but when i kept playing i never got a second chance so i never got the needs more levels in the challenges,and characters.some times it also glitched when i got a +1 and it didn’t count.the good things are that i like the characters,and the theme of the levels.

I love it

I love this game so much it makes me love this game it’s for free and I love it its so fun to play with this game I really love it I don’t like it I love it Thank you


This game is well um it’s okay it is not the best game ever but it is WiFi free and gets you over the edge because you want to beat it so bad

this is souch a awsome game

This game is so cool they need to make more of them of them


This is a great game you all should get it if you would like it it’s a really really good you should get it now it’s free right now you’ll love it hope you do if you get it bye Ricky out to Kylie L


Freezes frequently and causes missed jumps


My phone is really quick and I never have issues with lag but quite often you’ll get lag spicks and especially when you are doing good and it will kill you! Like I said this is the only app that ever lags on my phone. I wouldn’t mind if it happened only occasionally but it happens at least once every game!

Awesome sauce

It’s such a fun game. I’m addicted!!!


It makes no sense when you get a high score but it shots fireworks and makes you distracted and makes you lose sorry to comeplain but there’s just so many adds but it’s a little bit fun VERY disappointed

The best

A very good game!!😁😃😀😀


I think this game helps you to pay attention and to help your brain work.

Good on you

You have created a fab game and well done amazing work

Stack Jump!!

I love how addicting and fun this game is! From the avatars, themes, and levels I just love it all. I also love that if you tap on one of the locked avatars it will tell you what you need to do to get it or how much you need/have of it. 10/10 would recommend.

bad game

the game is ok but its SO hard and i rate it a 1

Fun, too many ads

Great game, but lose a star for the forced ads every turn. And I’m not paying $2.99 to get rid of ads. I’d pay $0.99 straight up, maybe $1.99, not 3 bucks.


I like this app it’s fun and addictive but way to many adds! I’m going to delete soon. So annoyed!


Stupid annoying ads

Addicting but makes you want to throw your phone

You want to keep playing and beat your high score. However, it glitches so much and knocks you off your tower which makes the game useless to play. With how frequently it lags and glitches, you really can’t get past 30 half the time before it knocks you off by itself. Needs updating pronto. It’s not my phone. My phone is on the latest iOS software.

I love it

It’s a great game and I actually got to 74 once


Such a good game I started to play it one my little cousins iPad and it was so fun I had to download on my phone.

Ad tips

I haven’t played it but every app I look at y’all talk about the ads but you just put it in airplane mode and voila.

The game

Because it is so fun to play

Death by Ads!

Really is a fun game! I enjoyed the crap out of it... when I could actually play the game... every other turn you have to watch a freaking ad! Thanks! ~ Jayson


So the game is pretty boring but it’s ok.. i guess. If you like taping games and ads this is the perfect game for you.


Despite it being a addicting game it lags constantly like all voodoo games and the lagging ruins the games and there are too many adds that pop up too often

Fun but glitchy

This game is really fun but it has a lot of glitches that make u lose. And lots and lots of ads. But other than that it’s pretty cool so get this app but just be cautious thank u

Like and Arcade

If you have ever been to a arcade you know that most of the games are rigged so that u don’t win. For stacker right before u got to the top when you see the block coming and you press the button than most of the time it will keep going for a split second and you lose. Same with this. This game also doesn’t have many challenges and it only took me about 3-4 nights to complete. Other than these the game is very fun and very addicting. Note: do NOT play this in the office.


I love this game so much u guys should do a up date and get payed 234578900,13579009&65,16145) thousandth dollars

Love this game

I love it you should name it stack it up.

fix this now

i don’t know about everyone else but i think this app is really fun and cool my only issue is the super annoying dotted lines because when u pass them the words and things that pop up on the screen always distract me and i die it’s super dumb and i can’t stand it so hurry up and fix this because it’s way to irritating 🙄


Too many adds! Every time I play I’m bombarded with some kind of add or game demo! The game itself is pretty good but the sheer amount of adds overshadows it.


I love all voodoo games

Fun, but lags

Every time the ad on the bottom of the screen tries to load/reload, the game delays and I lose and have to start over. It’s fun when it doesn’t happen, but it happens often enough that I deleted the app.


Fun. But the ads are a waste of life


Level five is broken so can you please fix it otherwise it’s fun

Stack jump

Best game really fun


I love this game

Terrible, is really boring

It’s fun the very first time you play then it’s terrible and boring, DONT GET THIS APP😠

Hard but fun

Ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But vary hard

Deleted app

This is a great game overall, but due to so many ads it just wouldn’t function correctly so I’m deleting it.


I love this game, but it’s really frustrating because I’ll be at like level 80 and it will glitch and not show a block until it’s on me. Pretty frustrating, hence the 3 stars.


It is so glitchy and it has TOO MANY ads that take 30 seconds! I am rlly done with this game.

Eh 😒

This game is not only boring, but there is nothing exciting about it.

Cool game dude

Cool game dude 👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hate the ads

The ads are ridiculous i love this game so addictive but the ads are bothersome!

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